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  2. Curriculum Areas
  3. PE
  4. impact of funding 2014-2015

Impact and spend of Sport Premium Funding 2014/15


Item/ Project                           Total



Equipment                                2,375

CPD Training                               535

PE Association                             300

Freddie Fit                               1,160

All About Sport                         5,580


TOTAL                                     9,950


GRANT RECEIVED                          9,900


Outcomes and Recommendations 

  • Purchasing of equipment to ensure full coverage of new innovative curriculum has been beneficial.  Pupils now have access to a wide variety of sports, including the use of larger equipment to develop throwing and catching skills, an area that some staff members felt needed support. 

  • Pupil Voice continues to inform us that the children enjoy the Freddy Fit sessions, this year they have been involved in skipping activities.  Pupils were engaged in short bursts of vigorous activities, increasing their heart rate whilst instilling in them a healthy attitude towards physical activity. This will continue next year.

  • Plans have progressed regarding Outdoor and Adventurous Activities. Now our school grounds have been completed, dates are in place for the school to be mapped in preparation for festivals later in the school year.

  • To promote every child's well being, after school activities offered to pupils will take on a new approach to encourage the children to become more physically active.

  • Through PE funding, PE leaders will be able to attend CPD training, which will then be filtered out to the rest of the staff during meetings.  We will be planning whole school inset around outdoor and adventurous activities.

  • Lunchtimes have continued to benefit from outside coaches to up skill the pupils in a number of sport related activities. This has supported the trend in the reduction of Lunchtime incidents, which are continuing to fall.

  • The quality of PE teaching has benefitted from a wider curriculum, where the pupils have experienced something new, and is consistently high.