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***UPDATE*** - Scroll down for new video footage over Easter holidays...

 Thank you to the Eco Team for using the money raised from the Eco day to fund the purchase of the camera. It will be so interesting and exciting for us all to learn more about the wildlife around our school.....

Forest Wild camera updates.....

Have a look at the latest photographs from the new Wildlife camera trap that we have set up in the Narnia site of the forest: What animals can you see.......?

Here the latest video of a fox in our Narnia site taken on the 21st of January. What do you think he/she is doing.......?

One of the first fox videos taken in September, near the entrance to a currently unused den.

This video was taken at night in October. If you listen you can hear how the foxes communicate with each other...

If you play this audio file below quite loud, you can hear more of the foxes communicating at night in the forest! 

We were lucky enough to capture two foxes interacting with each other during the day. Watch their body language with each other, do you think they are friends.....or not?

Four Magpies and a squirrel - part 1: Watch how this cheeky squirrel steals a fat ball we had made at forest school from a group of magpies...!

Four magpies and a squirrel - part 2!!

*** UPDATE ***

Over the Easter Holidays, we finally managed to capture the Deer on film! After many recent sightings of Deer tracks along the path, it was so exciting to eventually discover who was making them! The first videos show a female and, looking really carefully, we think the third shows a male as it just possible to make out a small set of antlers! 

We were also fortunate enough to capture another smaller creature on camera during the Easter break. Can you spot what it might be.........?

Did you guess right? Check below to see who it is....! 

Hedgehogs are becoming increasingly rare in our gardens nowadays so it is fantastic to see that we have at least one in our forest....hopefully during our Forest school sessions in autumn we can help these little creatures out by making hedgehog friendly areas to encourage more of them into the area.

More small Mammals recently discovered in the forest... they move very fast...can you identify them?

If you were quick enough, you may have seen a Bat flying quickly across the screen during the night...!

The next small mammal is a little easier to spot...

It is amazing to see just how quick this little mouse is when it jumps around!!