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Family Workshops


Summer Term


During the summer term, we held the following workshops for families...

- Family Phonics (for families of children in reception).


Spring Term

Growing and Changing

Mrs Bernstein and Miss Dunleavy held a Growing and Changing workshop, where families found out about our Growing and Changing lessons.  These lessons are going to be taught next term.  

If you were unable to attend this workshop and you would like to find out more about these lessons, then Mrs Bernstein or Miss Dunleavy would be happy to speak to you.


"The session provided lots of information."

SATs workshops (KS1 and KS2)

During the last week of term, we held two SATs workshops.  One for Key Stage One and the other for Key Stage Two.  Families found these useful workshops, where they found out about the assessments that their children will be completing next term and how they can support at home.


Maths Times Tables Workshop

We held a times tables workshop.  During this, we shared the expectations for each year group and a range of activities that we use at school, and can be used at home, to support children with the learning of the times tables.

"Great resources to use at home!"   "Very useful session.  I will definitely try many of these at home."

Spelling Workshop

Thank you to everyone who attended the Spelling Family Workshop.  Mrs Pendleton and the Learning Ambassadors did a great job of sharing the activities, which we use in school and can be used at home, to help children to learn their spellings.  Everyone, who attended, found it very useful.

"I found the workshop extremely helpful and I will use the booklets at home to help with my children's spellings."

Family Cooking with Manchester City - Spring Term

We held another free five week family cooking course.  The course was run by Manchester City Football Club lifestyle coaches.  Each week, families learnt about healthy, nutritious food choices and they made something delicious to eat too!

Here they are making chicken and vegetable wraps... 

Autumn Term


Family Cooking with Manchester City - Autumn Term

We held a free six week family cooking course during the Autumn term.  The course was run by Manchester City Football Club lifestyle coaches.  It focused on:

- Learning about nutrition
- Encouraging children to make healthier choices
- Cooking lessons

Family Phonics Workshops

During the Autumn term, Manchester Adult Education Service, held a weekly workshop on phonics at Bowker Vale.  Here, families learnt:

- How phonics are used to prepare children for reading
- When and how letters and sounds are introduced in school
- How to support their child with reading, writing and spelling
- Some fun activities to use at home

Here are some of the attendees (the ones who weren't shy!) with Charlie, the teacher.

"We think Charlie is a great teacher and he makes the subject easy to understand."  "This will really help with teaching our children to read at home"

Maths Workshops

We held two maths workshops, during the Autumn Term, to share with families the different strategies that we use at Bowker Vale to answer mental calculations efficiently.  As well as this, we also shared various activities that families can use at home to practise using the most efficient mental methods.


"Very informative and interesting workshop. We definitely learned some strategies for helping our kids."  "This was a very useful session and it gave me plenty of ideas to try at home with my child."

Spelling Workshop

This year, we have introduced new strategies to help the children to learn their spellings.  As well as providing each family with a book of spelling strategies, we also invited families in to school to learn about each of the strategies and have a go at using them with their children.

"What a great way to teach children."  "It was good to find out about the different strategies."  "Some helpful information and a very friendly presenter!"

Growing and Changing

Families, of children in year five, were invited in to find out about the content of our Growing and Changing lessons and ask any questions.

"These sessions are very informative."  "Our questions have been answered thoroughly."