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English as an Additional Language


What is EAL?

It means English is an additional language, when a pupil is exposed to a language other than English.   If the language or main language they encountered as a baby or small child was a language other than English and they still have some exposure to that language they are considered as having EAL. 

EAL is not linked to proficiency in English or first language. An EAL learner could be a complete beginner in English or could be fully fluent in English. EAL status depends on which language was learned first.  At our school, at least 26 languages are spoken and we aim to cater for all these pupils to whom English is an additional learning need.

We are committed to providing appropriate and personalised support for all pupils with EAL.  Throughout their time at school, we provide pupils with the necessary means to access the curriculum.  We give children the opportunity to improve their fluency in speaking, reading, writing and understanding English.



At Bowker Vale Primary School we have faith in the uniqueness of every child and adult, and together we strive to use our gifts and talents to serve others and achieve the best for everyone. We aim to develop creative learners with enquiring minds, who can express themselves with confidence and listen to others with open minds and open hearts.

Our school nurtures curiosity and creativity through an inspiring, broad and engaging curriculum, where learning is at the heart of all that we do. Everyone is challenged and encouraged to thrive and achieve as individuals, preparing them for their role as caring and active citizens in modern Britain.

At Bowker Vale we believe every child has the right to an excellent education. As a Rights Respecting School, our English as an Additional Language Policy has been developed in line with the articles in the UNCRC. It is our aim to ensure that every child learns to the best of their ability within the Rights-Respecting ethos of the school.


Statement of Commitment:

At Bowker Vale we are committed to ensuring that every child succeeds and reaches their full potential. We are dedicated to raising the achievement and attainment of pupils with EAL enabling them to do the best they can within a positive, supportive, secure and safe learning environment.

Through a quality parent partnership, rigorous assessment and monitoring, the school will identify individual pupil’s needs and recognise and build on the skills they bring to school.  Through quality first teaching based on experiences and talking, we aim to meet the language needs of our learners.



The pupils at Bowker Vale come from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of language skills.

  • We cater for a large multilingual community.
  • There are pockets of deprivation in our catchment area of North Manchester.
  • The School has at present 450 pupils on roll out of which approximately half are from different ethnic minorities and their home language is different from English. 20% of our pupils have Urdu as their home language.
  • Altogether there are at least 26 different languages spoken.
  • A proportion of our pupils have arrived from other countries with no or very little understanding of English. A number of these pupils who have come from abroad have attended other schools before attending our school.
  • Around 45% of our pupils are in receipt of free school meals.
  • The partnership between staff and parents (and other family members) is strong as we feel that families play an important part in their children’s learning.
  • We have some bilingual staff and pupils who are available to support pupils with no or very little understanding of English who speak the same language as them.
  • We help the pupils learn English through a variety of teaching and learning methods. Our aim is for the pupil to become a fluent speaker of English and to access the school Curriculum as fully as possible.

Our Aims:

As a school we aim to:

  • Provide a welcoming environment in which pupils will learn most effectively.
  • Provide support to pupils with EAL needs.
  • Plan and teach lessons using learning styles most appropriate to EAL learners.
  • Provide an inclusive curriculum.
  • Promote home languages in the school and classrooms and use these to aid pupils learning.
  • Monitor pupil’s progress regularly against the 5 steps framework levels.
  • Assess pupils in class and set targets based on these assessments.
  • Ensure pupils are making progress and are able to access the school curriculum.
  • Support pupils who are at risk of underachieving.
  • Celebrate pupil’s achievements in class.
  • Teach new vocabulary to children to enable them to increase their word bank and access the curriculum.


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