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Bowker Vale Through The Years

This page lets you have a look back at Bowker Vale over the past years. It has provided children, parents and teachers with many happy memories during their time here. If you have any that you would like to share, please e-mail them to Alternatively, bring them into school and we will scan them for you. Please will you also provide a little information on the photo and what you have gone on to do since leaving Bowker Vale.


Click the link to see a class from Bowker Vale Primary School during the 1950-51 year! This is Miss Grey's class. Does anybody know what happened to her? If so, get in touch. The look of the classroom has certainly changed but can you recognise whose classroom it actually is now? Thank you to Paul Butcher, who sent this in. He is the boy in the top corner by the shop (click the rotate button to see correctly).

He moved to Torquay in 1951 because his father's job moved to Devon. At 15, he moved to London. Following that, he had a few jobs, but at 30 he joined the NHS and soon became a Hospital Administrator (now called a CEO).

At the age of 60, he retired but was bored and became a Purchasing Manager for a few years. He is now enjoying life with his wife.

Apparently, the boy next to Miss Grey is Bobby Campbell. 



This next one is from April 1953, the year in which we celebrated the Coronation of Elizabeth II. Later that year, an ‘Arbor Week’ was scheduled, when members of the public and local children could plant more trees. We are repeating this again this year!

Uncle Geoff's memories 

Here is a letter from our very own Ms Dobson's Uncle Geoff, who retells his memories from his time at Bowker Vale in the forties and fifties. He was reminded of these, when a 'Naughty Book' from the time was discovered at the school and Ms Dobson sent him a copy to remind him!


Barrie Walker's memories
Here is a great message from Barrie Walker, who also attended around the time of Uncle Geoff:
Last year or maybe two years ago I brought in to school my collection of photographs of my classes from 1945 to 1951. Have you seen them? They predate the earliest you have on your webpage.
I remember Mr. Horsefall headteacher, Mr Gee Deputy Head, Mrs Stott top class teacher, Miss Brown Reception class teacher. Mrs Stott had a daughter called Margaret I think.
I remember being stood in front of the fireplace in the first class. Was I naughty? Probably. Was I in the 'naughty book'? Probably.
Michael Robinson and I had a playground fight just like Uncle Geoff although we were friends, went on to North Manchester Grammar School, we both played rugby for school and our parents knew each other well. His father was the 'almoner' [C.E.O.] at Crumpsall Hospital and his mother the Personnel Manager at Littlewoods in Piccadilly, Manchester, who later gave me a Saturday job. I was also friends with Stuart Baumgarten and visited his house many times. There were a lot of Jewish children at school and I think many of them were from families who escaped the onset of war in Europe. It was a happy school and Mr Horsefall's strap 'helped' keep it so (I think).
Who is Uncle Geoff? I must have known him?

1953 - 1958

Here is a really nice comment from Linda Constable née Blain, who attended our school between 1953 and 1958.

I went to this school 1953-58 it instilled in me a life long love of learning. I have gone on to a Master of Laws and many other interesting undertakings. For this I thank Mrs Swift, Mr Wallin?, Mr Gee, Mrs Butterworth, and Mrs Stocks. It was a great school to go to and looks like it still is 60 years later. Kia Ora from New Zealand.