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  2. P.E
  3. Impact of spending 2013/14

Sport Premium Spend and Impact Analysis 2013/14


Item/ Project                 Total Costs


Equipment                                458

CPD training (NQT)                    720

IMoves Dance                            250

PE Association                          200

Freddie Fit                            1,590

All About Sport                      5,760

TOTAL                                  8,978


GRANT RECEIVED                  9,000

Outcomes & Recommendations

  • Imoves dance has the potential to be a great resource, however, although it is used by some members of staff, it is not being utilised to its full potential. Mrs Hyde and Miss Relton will be holding some drop - in sessions for staff during Autumn 1 with the idea Imoves may come in for further staff training (Staff meeting itinerary allowing)

  • Pupil Voice tells us the children enjoy the Freddy Fit sessions, so we will continue with 2 days next academic year. As an alternative session for using the hall space, pupils are engaged in short bursts of vigorous activities, increasing their heart rate whilst instilling in the pupils a healthy attitude towards physical activity.

  • Plans are being put in place to allow all KS 1 + 2 pupils to access Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA) and, possibly making use of places such as Debdale and Burrs Parks and having the school grounds mapped.

  • As most PE courses are run by the Manchester team, we will be purchasing their new scheme that is currently in its final stages of development.

  • Assessment will have a higher profile in PE during OFSTED inspections. The Manchester team are developing a new way of assessment that has yet to be finalised. We can inform inspectors of our intentions of how we plan to use assessment in the future across the key stages.

  • Further resources to be purchased to ensure full coverage of new innovative curriculum.

  • Employing All About Sport to help improve lunchtime provision has been very successful. Pupils are engaged in physical activity in a positive manner, pupil voice has been used to ensure a greater coverage of activities and lunchtime incidents have shown a steady decrease over time.