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  2. Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader (AR)

At Bowker Vale we are starting a new reading programme called Accelerated Reader. The only way to become really good at understanding what we read is through practice. Reading is a skill, so the more that we do it then the better we will become, which is why we hope that this new system will encourage pupils to read even more than they did before.


What is Accelerated Reader?

AR is a programme used to motivate pupils to increase their reading, vocabulary and comprehension skills and guide them to independent reading. AR is a popular reading programme used in thousands of schools across the country. There is a proven link between strong reading skills and academic success- great readers make great learners! This compliments our goals of having each child reading independently for at least 30-40 minutes per day at school and at home.


Online Programme

With the AR online programme, children will not only be able to quiz on the books available through our school library and in our classrooms, but also books at home, in any library and in any book shop. You can check whether a book is on the AR programme by visiting or by downloading the AR Bookfinder app.


How does AR work?


-Each child is tested and assigned a colour level based on the result of their test. The test will give a reading age and a ZPD score, which tells us the best colour level to challenge and support each child. 

 You can find your pupils ZDP score, username and password at the front of their reading diary. 

-Students then choose an AR book based on their interest and reading level.  

-When they have finished reading the book, they take the AR test on the AR website to assess comprehension. This will be done at school during our class reading time in the morning.

-The child earns points for showing an understanding of what they have read. The quiz number, points that they can earn and ZDP level can be found at the front of each book.      


-They earn full points by answering all test questions correctly. Children who average at least an 80% on tests taken are considered to understand what they have read at an average level. 


How can I help my child?

  1. Promote reading at home by encouraging them to read, read to them, let them see you reading and encourage them to carry their book wherever they go, so they are always ready to read!
  2. Ask about the current book they are reading and their point goals. Congratulate them when they reach their goal. 

Thanks in advance for all of your support. If you have any questions, then please talk to a member of the teaching staff.

We have also recently subscribed to myON. MyON is a fantastic digital platform, allowing pupils unlimited access to approximately one thousand e-books. Children are able to use a computer or tablet to select age and ability appropriate books which mostly link into Accelerated Reader quizzes. If needed, your child can listen to the story as it is read aloud to them.

This is an excellent resource to enhance your child’s reading experience (both fiction and non-fiction). Teachers will be able to track reading times and progress. Your child can use a computer, iPad or tablet to login to myON. Always ensure that you use Alternatively, you can download the myON app to enjoy reading some books offline. Your child’s login details, which allow them to read at home, can be found at the front of their reading diary.