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  Bowker Vale Eco Team

Project - Waste!

This year, the Eco Team will continue to focus on Waste and how it effects our community and our planet as a whole. 

The Eco Team will be looking at how recycling food waste has changed in Manchester, thanks to Re:Food; a company that recycles our school food waste into a Biofuel that can be used to make electricity and fertiliser for agricultural use. Find out more about them here: 

They will be passing on what they have learned to the school community.

Re:Food have created the 'Vision 2020' campaign to stop food waste from being taken to landfills altogether because in only a couple of years landfills in the u.k will be full.

Find out more on their website: 

Last year we took part in a Waste week campaign last year run by an Eco website called 'The Pod'. It has many interesting resources to look through and is an affiliate of Eco Schools.

Follow this link to find out more on Waste Week and other Eco topics.....

Eco Teams Waste and pollution Assembly!

The Eco Team did a fabulous assembly on Waste and pollution.

After putting a scientific device that records dangerous pollution levels on a lampost outside Bowker Vale, we found out that Middleton road does have higher levels of dangerous chemicals in the environment. They then looked into the science behind the result and even recorded video clips to highlight what we found out.