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  2. Forest Schools
  3. Year 5W 2016/17

Year 5W 2016/17

Year 5W began their Forest School sessions in November last year and have had some really fantastic sessions in our Forest school sites. Below are some pictures of their journey so far....

Stream Walking!......

Making things and tree fun....

Fire Week! 

This week we played a game called Flying Carpets where the children had to work in teams to cross and area on a tarpaulin - without anyone's feet touching the ground! 

We then had a fire in our 'wet weather' fire circle and everyone enjoyed toasting Brioche over the flames. Some children chose to make a bow and arrow during their free play time while others made dens or just enjoyed playing in the mud!!


Treasure Hunt!

During this session, in four teams,the children were given a piece of treasure to bury. They each chose a different part of the forest, buried their treasure using spades and trowels and then made a mud map of where they'd hidden their treasure. The teams then swapped maps and tried to find where each team had buried the treasure!

This proved to be surprisingly hard for a few teams and it took nearly an hour to find where some of the treasure had been buried! Well done to the teams for their determination and resilience - they never gave up! Can you see in the last photo how many people it actually took to help find the treasure?!

(*Some children's faces have been blurred as their families preferred not to have pictures on a website)

 Snow Week!

This week we were lucky enough to have a sprinkling of snow settling on our forest school areas. So, to make the most of this, we spent this session in our Foxes Den site. We had a snowman building competition which Daniel won - and everyone enjoyed feeling the snow/ice and exploring how different the areas are when the ground is cold. We even had a snow Angel made by Amani! 


Mythical Beasts and Tree Spirits...

This week the children chose a tree or a mythical creature which they felt had some character and thought about which characteristics they would like to give it. They then created their chosen character from clay and woodland materials and explained what they had made to the rest of the group...there were some really interesting and colourful characters!!