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History is led by Mr Myatt at Bowker Vale.





 At Bowker Vale our aim in History is that children are given the skills and knowledge to gain an understanding of Britain's past and that of the wider world. The History curriculum has been designed to develop children's questioning skills and critical thinking, to inspire children's curiosity to find out about the wider world and to foster a continuous interest in their own local history and identity.

At Bowker Vale, the children will start their History journey by learning to talk about their lives and past experiences.  As they progress through school, they will learn about the history of the United Kingdom, how life, education and society have changed throughout time and  the history of the wider world; including Ancient Civilisations. Through teaching History, children are given the opportunity to:

  • Think critically and ask perceptive questions about past and present life.
  • Understand historical concepts such as continuity and change, cause and consequence and similarity and difference.
  • Use primary and secondary sources to form perspectives and judgements.
  • Learn about significant events, dates and facts about influential people and their impact on past life and modern day life.

Teachers are responsible for the teaching of History. It is taught in units through a combination of whole class teaching, group and individual work. The units are based on the National Curriculum.


History at Bowker Vale is taught through a range of written, spoken, art, computing and drama activities. Children are also given the opportunity to go on trips to local historic sites and museums and visitors are invited to school to deliver history and drama workshops. These experiences bring the past to the here and now and bring history to life. 

Throughout our History teaching we hope that our children will develop a curiousity and understanding of the world around them and gain the knowledge to make judgements on how history has shaped our society.