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Different Sentence Types

We encourage the children to use different sentence types in their speaking and writing. The 'Alan Peat' sentence types are a great way for children to improve their own writing, adding more interesting vocabulary and punctuation, as well as extending sentences by adding detail.  As the children progress through school, they will learn a variety of sentence types and will develop the ability to select different sentence types for different purposes. 


Each sentence type has a special name.  The children use them when speaking, then introduce them in their own writing.  Here are a few examples:


2A sentence - add 2 adjectives in front of a noun, put a comma between the adjectives

 The kind, quiet boy smiled.


BOYS (but, or, yet, so) - first part of the sentence is separated with a comma, then a BOYS conjunction is used.

Tom wanted to play outside, but it was raining heavily.

Anna was very hungry, so she decided to make a large sandwich for lunch.



De:de sentence - first part gives description, the second gives further detail. The two parts are separated by a colon (:)

Anna wears a coat during Winter: it keeps her nice and warm.



Some; others - begins with 'some' and has a semi colon (;) separating it from the part beginning with 'others'. Useful for introducing a problem or argument in your writing.

Some days are full of sunshine; others begin and end with rain.


Give your child a very simple sentence and ask them to improve it.  We think you'll be impressed with their ideas!