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At Bowker Vale, we believe that being a successful reader is essential for all our pupils. Children who read every day will develop better vocabulary and comprehension skills. This has a massive impact on a child’s achievement in all other areas of the curriculum. We want children to develop a love of reading and we know that the support of parents and carers is key in promoting reading for enjoyment. In order to support your child’s reading development please see our Reading Contract.


At School 

 From Nursery to year 1 reading is taught in guided sessions with the class teacher. From years 2 - 6 whole class reading is taught in a specific teaching sequence. We are now giving pupils more time to unpick texts and talk about what they have read. Reading strategies and the skills to answer different types of questions are also explicitly taught, giving pupils the confidence to become fluent,  independent readers.


Reading strategies (Reception-year 1)

Reading strategies (Year 2- 6)

The Reading Teaching sequence

At home

We want children to develop their confidence, fluency and expression when reading at home (and to have fun).  For this reason they will bring home books that are at their reading level and should not be particularly difficult.

We have a wide variety of different types of books, which are sorted into coloured book bands and stored in tubs.  The children know which colour band they are choosing from and pick their own books. These books are from a wide range of schemes, publishers and authors.

This allows the children to read a much wider variety of texts whilst still being supported at the correct reading level (and means that they are not always reading about Biff, Chip and Kipper!)

Once your child is reading securely at lime (often towards the end of Y2 or beginning of Y3) they will become a ‘free reader’ able to choose freely from class libraries.

 The colour bands progress as below:


























Try and read with your child as much as you can. Listen to them reading aloud and also read to your child, so that they understand how to use expression and the correct pace. Checking that your child understands what they have read is also very important. Click on the link below for our top tips for supporting reading at home.

TOP TIPS for supporting reading at home

Here are also some recommended reads that you can enjoy with your child at home. We may have many of these books in school, but you will also find them in your local library.