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Aiming High; Showing Integrity {{Being Respectful, Honest, Fair and Proud}}

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  2. Learning Ambassadors

Learning Ambassadors

At Bowker Vale, we have twelve Learning Ambassadors.  These are specially selected children from years four to six.  Their role is to represent the school and help us all become better learners.  Learning Ambassadors are recognised by their red jumpers!

Some of the jobs of our Learning Ambassadors

  • Be part of our steering group in our Rights Respecting journey
  • Deliver assemblies relating to children's rights
  • Help during open mornings and parents evenings
  • Help with good to be green treat activities
  • Raise the profile of blogging
  • Speak to visitors and governors about learning at Bowker Vale

Rights Respecting Silver School

We are very pleased to tell you that we have been awarded our Rights Respecting Silver Award (September 2018).  This award, granted by Unicef UK to schools, shows that we have made good progress towards embedding children’s rights in the school’s policy, practice and ethos, as outlined in the RRSA Strands and Outcomes.

Rights Respecting Assemblies


Each month, we deliver assemblies which help us all to learn about the rights of the child.

Some of our recent assemblies have been about -

National Children's Day 

World Health Day

World Earth Day (Relating to articles 24 and 29)

Rights Respecting Schools' Conference

We visited Manchester Town Hall for a Rights Respecting Schools' Conference.  Here we found out about how other schools achieved their Silver Rights Respecting Schools' Award.  We also had great fun learning more about children's rights through a variety of activities.

Some OTHER Things which we have shared with our school…

Bowker Vale Values


We have looked at our Bowker Vale values of being

  • Respectful
  • Fair
  • Honest
  • Proud

We have thought about what these mean...

Being Respectful

  • We will treat people like we would want to be treated
  • We will be polite to others
  • We will listen carefully and follow instructions first time
  • We will respect everyone and our school environment
  • We will keep our hands, feet and objects to ourselves

Being Fair

  • We will share, work and play together as a team
  • We will apologise when we have done something that we shouldn’t have done
  • We will not ask others to do something that we would not do ourselves
  • We will help everyone get what they need in order to achieve

Being Honest

  • We will admit when we have done something that we shouldn’t have done
  • We will show integrity and do the right thing even when nobody is watching
  • We will be someone who others can trust

Being Proud

  • We will take pride in ourselves and what we do
  • We will be happy with what we achieve
  • We will help others to be proud by praising them when they have done something well

We shared this information with the school during an assembly.


We set new challenges each week for children to complete on our school blog.  Have a look and see if you can complete the '100 Word' and '5 Sentence' challenges. 


Family Workshops

We also help with the delivery of family workshops at school.  

During the Spelling Workshop, we showed families how to complete a variety of activities to help children with the learning of their spellings.

During the Maths Workshop, we demonstrated how to play a variety of maths games to help with the learning of the multiplication tables.