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  4. History & Geography

History & Geography

Each half-term we start a new topic, the focus of which will normally be History or Geography.

The children will start their topic with an exciting entry point activitiy, for example tasting the food, listening to the music or having a go at a traditional dance from a country they will be finding out about. Educational visits and visitors into school are often linked to the start of new topics.

Following this we will find out what the children already know about the topic and help them think of questions to ask.

Topics will end with an exit point activity or celebration of learning where children will reflect on what they have found out, apply to other areas of learning and will often involve other children in school of their families.

Throughout each topic we look for meaningful links to other areas of the curriculum, for example reading books which link to the topic, writing letters to characters from history or producing music in the style of the period in time or the part of the world.

We follow the National Curriculum for History and Geography, each topic is a balance between learning new skills and acquiring new knowledge.