Bowker Vale Primary School

Aiming High; Showing Integrity {{Being Respectful, Honest, Fair and Proud}}

Middleton Road,
Higher Crumpsall,
Manchester, M8 4NB

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'Good opportunity to see the children's portraits. Thank you for the chance to involve us as parents and the pupils in celebrating their work!' 

'Very impressive just like the Tate.'

'Fantastic to see how the children see themselves. Great exhibition all round!! Well done!!'

'Really nice to see all pupils involves in the same project. Great exhibition!'

'Well done all teachers, you did very hard work with them. Thanks!'

'Lovely portraits. Great effort by young children!'

Each year children will complete at least three Art projects, as part of their wider topic work.

Children use their sketch books to practise art skills before completing their final piece e.g. colour mixing, shading. They will also evaluate their work thinking about 'what went well' and what they could do next time to improve their work.   

Here are some examples of work from sketch books. Year 5 children have practised the skill of shading and then used this skill in their final art piece, which was a drawing of an artefact from the Indus Valley Civilisation.