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Summer 1                                                                                              Blooming Marvellous


Dear Families,


This week those of us in Nursery are starting our new topic ‘Blooming Marvellous’. The main focus of this topic will be learning all about different types of plants, flowers and vegetables. The children will have the opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills when they play in the class flower shop.


A major focus of this theme is learning about the natural environment and the children will have the opportunity to learn how to take care of our school environment and the wider world.  We have already planted some seeds and the children will also learn about simple responsibilities when they look after their own seeds and plants. They will also have the opportunity to look at similarities, differences and changes as we explore different plants, flowers and vegetables.


We will be reading and retelling the story of Oliver’s Vegetables and the children will learn to describe the characters and setting in the story. The children will be developing their understanding of stories when asking and answering questions about Oliver and his vegetables.


You could support your child at home by:

  • Looking at plants and flowers as they start to blossom in Spring and discussing the changes that are happening all around us at this time of year.
  • Encouraging your child to help to look after any flowers or plants you have in your home or garden. Discuss with your child what they need in order to grow.
  • Talk to your child about the fruit and vegetables they eat and where they come from. You could even grow some of your own fruit and vegetables at home.
  • Reading stories about flowers and plants.
  • Begin to help your child use everyday language to talk about size, weight, capacity, and position.
  • Begin to help your child to spot the rhyming words in a nursery rhyme and learn to hear sounds in words
  • Encouraging your child to listen to sounds around them, and copying the sounds (e.g. ‘can you make a car sound? What sound does a dog make?’)



Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Hamid-Butt